MINute Moment: The ORIGINAL Star Wars

The other day, Walt Disney Motion Pictures and Lucasfilm Ltd. released the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi, the eighth episode in their ongoing Star Wars saga.

MINute thought we’d take a moment to explore Minnesota’s connection to the films; namely, the fact that a locally-produced movie provided inspiration to George Lucas’ vision.

White Harvest, a 1969 film directed by George Andersen while a student at Macalester, was an “outer space” epic shot in North Dakota that captured much of the scenery and feel Lucas would utilize later on in grander fashion. Many concur that a battle scene set at the military base near Minot inspired the “Ice Planet Hoth” scene from The Empire Strikes Back. Others have speculated that Chewbacca, the giant furry “Wookiee” who played Harrison Ford’s on-screen dog, was inspired by Ron Carlson, a 7’1″ gas station proprietor from Williston with a tragic case of hypertrichosis.

While we here at MINute are excited for the upcoming film, we would be remiss if we did not encourage our readers to remember White Harvest‘s signature tagline—that the “Air Force is with you…always”.


Author: Dan D.

Opinion. Film Reviews. Sports. Plop Culture Madness.

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