What the heck is this?

When you think Minnesota history, think Minnesota MINute Podcast—Crucial MINutiae in 60″ or less!

The Minnesota MINute Podcast, a product of PAMPERS (the Professional Audiophiles of Minnesota Providing Excellent Revisionist Stories) and producer Dan D.  is the shortest, most information-dense podcast on Minnesota history you’ll find anywhere on the Web. We pride ourselves on our expert, in-depth research, infallible facts, and concern for your time.

We recognize there are a baker’s dozen of a baker’s dozen podcasts out there all offering something or other. That’s why we have committed to keeping it short and sweet—60 seconds or less of info on Minnesota history, which we are legally bound to provide to you at no cost.

About Your Host

Dan D. went to a Big East school and is very highly educated. He knows history, he has the best history. He believes there’s no better word than “stupid” for many of the other history podcasts out there (especially the 90 second one that is also produced here in Minnesota that ignored his job application, which may or may not have prompted the creation of this podcast). That’s why he created Minnesota MINute (which debuted in an earlier form on KFAI) in 2015—to provide listeners with irrefutable historical truths (certainly not alternative facts) about his adopted home state in the shortest, least intrusive way, with plenty of puns and some interesting music from the Free Music Archive thrown in.

Dan D. is a native of Stamford, Connecticut who has resided as a dirty, filthy, pestilent Minnesota transplant since 2014. He is an independent podcast producer who has produced content for WDOM, WWOZ, WRBH, WMCN, and KFAI radio stations and currently volunteers at KRSM in Minneapolis. When he’s not producing Minnesota MINute, Dan spends his free time as the Director of Sanitation for Plop-A-John’s Portable Toilets (is your portable waste partner a pizza garbage? Give us a call!) and does graduate school at another Big East institution.