EPISODE 25: What the heck is the Pork Check-Off?

We really bring home the bacon on this episode. Click here to listen.

Features a modified sample of “Eli Green’s Cakewalk” by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra featured on the Free Music Archive


EPISODE 17: How many states are named Minnesota, anyhow?

On today’s episode, we ask a v important question that no other goofy 90 second podcast that claims to be about North Star State history asks: How many of the United States are actually, in fact, named Minnesota?

Take that, Minnesota Historical Society…

EPISODE 12: Creedence Stillwater Revival

Creedence Stillwater Revival were Minnesota’s answer to a beloved Bay Area band of hippies that sang as if they had emerged from the swamps of Louisiana. In this episode, we commemorate some of their greatest hits.

Give it a listen here!

Features a sample of “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. All rights reserved by and all manner of respect due to CCR, John Fogerty, and Fantasy Records. Please don’t sue us.

EPISODE 9: Minnesota Stuff

We love the “How Stuff Works” podcasts here at MINute. Minnesota had their own version of ’em back in the ’90s—learn more by listening here.

Music courtesy of Jahzzar—“The Shine”—via the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 7: Trump’s Minnesota Reference

Did you know President Trump referenced an old Minnesota landmark during a recent press conference? Give it a listen here.

Music courtesy of Jahzzar—“Clap Your Hands”—via the Free Music Archive


EPISODE 6: A History of Fake News in Minnesota

The Twin Cities are celebrated for their abundance of community news outlets, some of which have impacted Minnesota bigly—even if what they’re reporting hasn’t exactly been true.

On today’s podcast, we look at one publication in particular to observe how it changed the course of North Star History. Give it a listen here.

(music courtesy of Black Ant—“5 Piece” via the Free Music Archive)

EPISODE 3: Minnesota—The Cleanest State

Inspired by a recent Stuff You Should Know episode, we delve into the history of Minnesota portable waste solutions to learn one facet of what makes this state one of the cleanest. Give it a listen here!

Music courtesy Doctor Turtle (“It Looks Like the Future, but it Feels Like the Past”) via the Free Music Archive