EPISODE 25: What the heck is the Pork Check-Off?

We really bring home the bacon on this episode. Click here to listen.

Features a modified sample of “Eli Green’s Cakewalk” by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra featured on the Free Music Archive


EPISODE 13: Prance ‘N Faust Records

To distract people from the horrors of Panzerfaust Records, two well-intentioned Macalester grads founded a bizarre local label that attempted to blend two classic forms that aren’t all that compatible. Give it a listen here!

Music courtesy of Steve Combs (“All Your Faustian Bargains, Extended Mix”) via the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 11: A Darn Heckin’ Good Deal

We like DealNews a lot here at MINute. Here in Minnesota, “Dale News”, a WCCO radio show from the 1980s, offered good deals to North Star State listeners.

Give the episode a listen here.

Music courtesy of Doctor Turtle (“Which That Is This?”) via the Free Music Archive 

EPISODE 9: Minnesota Stuff

We love the “How Stuff Works” podcasts here at MINute. Minnesota had their own version of ’em back in the ’90s—learn more by listening here.

Music courtesy of Jahzzar—“The Shine”—via the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 7: Trump’s Minnesota Reference

Did you know President Trump referenced an old Minnesota landmark during a recent press conference? Give it a listen here.

Music courtesy of Jahzzar—“Clap Your Hands”—via the Free Music Archive


Episode 5: Minnesota’s Very Own “Uhh Yeah Dude”

We love the “Uhh Yeah Dude” podcast here at MINute; did you know there was a similar show in Minnesota back in the ’90s? Give it a listen here!

Contains an excerpt of “Sora no iro no kuruma (The car painted in the color of the sky)” courtesy of springtide found @ the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 3: Minnesota—The Cleanest State

Inspired by a recent Stuff You Should Know episode, we delve into the history of Minnesota portable waste solutions to learn one facet of what makes this state one of the cleanest. Give it a listen here!

Music courtesy Doctor Turtle (“It Looks Like the Future, but it Feels Like the Past”) via the Free Music Archive