EPISODE 36: We sampled “Redbone”. Will you please listen now?

Blah blah Minnesotans want to murder and eat transplants for their exotic flesh blah blah I sampled “Redbone” by Childish Gambino (all rights reserved) and it doesn’t sound terrible blah blah. Please listen by clicking here, this is at least the most unique thing you’ll hear today.


EPISODE 35: The Affordable KARE11 Act

Legislation meant to help people on the margins that’s anathema to conservative ideologues has a history in Minnesota. Click here to learn more.

Music sample courtesy of Broke For Free—“Calm the Fuck Down”—via the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 30 (premium): Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

Why is it “duck, duck, grey duck” in Minnesota and nowhere else? We ask a real live university professor to find out.¬†Episode available to premium subscribers only!¬†

Music courtesy of/contains a sample of Jahzzar—“Avientu”—via the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 19: What is the official underwear of the state of Minnesota?

For our nineteenth episode, we decided to get very serious and explore a topic many of our listeners have been demanding to know more about. Click here to check it out.

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EPISODE 17: How many states are named Minnesota, anyhow?

On today’s episode, we ask a v important question that no other goofy 90 second podcast that claims to be about North Star State history asks: How many of the United States are actually, in fact, named Minnesota?

Take that, Minnesota Historical Society…

EPISODE 11: A Darn Heckin’ Good Deal

We like DealNews a lot here at MINute. Here in Minnesota, “Dale News”, a WCCO radio show from the 1980s, offered good deals to North Star State listeners.

Give the episode a listen here.

Music courtesy of Doctor Turtle (“Which That Is This?”) via the Free Music Archive¬†