Twin Cities creative types love doing their own well-intentioned-but-awkwardly-executed take on popular productions that originated elsewhere.

Click here to listen to a local rendition of the Washington Post‘s “Can He Do That?” podcast we ferreted out.

Features a rendition of “Hail to the Chief” by the Department of the Air Force.


EPISODE 15: MNPractical Jokers

We love the work of Joe, Q, Sal, and Murr—a bit of research into Minnesota public access TV history revealed an interesting program from years past. Give it a listen here!

Music courtesy of BOPD (“2.2.05”) via the Free Music Archive

SFX courtesy of YouTube users MediaJF99 and Alexnatoe

EPISODE 11: A Darn Heckin’ Good Deal

We like DealNews a lot here at MINute. Here in Minnesota, “Dale News”, a WCCO radio show from the 1980s, offered good deals to North Star State listeners.

Give the episode a listen here.

Music courtesy of Doctor Turtle (“Which That Is This?”) via the Free Music Archive 

EPISODE 7: Trump’s Minnesota Reference

Did you know President Trump referenced an old Minnesota landmark during a recent press conference? Give it a listen here.

Music courtesy of Jahzzar—“Clap Your Hands”—via the Free Music Archive


Episode 5: Minnesota’s Very Own “Uhh Yeah Dude”

We love the “Uhh Yeah Dude” podcast here at MINute; did you know there was a similar show in Minnesota back in the ’90s? Give it a listen here!

Contains an excerpt of “Sora no iro no kuruma (The car painted in the color of the sky)” courtesy of springtide found @ the Free Music Archive