EPISODE 47: The Super MINtendo

Click here to listen.

Music courtesy of Sega; all credit to Naofumi Hataya, Masafumi Ogata, and Tomonori Sawada.

The rest courtesy of me and my trash dump East Coast mind.


EPISODE 45: Why are there so many corporate HQs in Minneapolis?

We think Dan’s finally cracked. Click here to hear the sound of a broken man.

Music courtesy of Loyalty Freak Music—“Go to the Picnic”—found on the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 44: “Blaine Runner”

You’re in an alley in south Minneapolis when all of a sudden you see a person walking their dog off leash. Do you have an emotional response or silently go about your business, shaking your head as you do?

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EPISODE 43: Go Folk Yourself

Don your Army of the Potomac outfit, grab your dobro, and wrassle up three bearded friends—we’re ‘gwine to the Pine County Hootenanny! Click here to listen.

Contains a sample of “Rotiserrie Graveyard” by Doctor Turtle found at the Free Music Archive

EPISODE 42: Bagel? Boggle? Beg? Bag?

I think I live in the “upside-down”.

Click here to listen.

Contains a sample of “Latnem” by Drake Stafford found at the Free Music Archive.

EPISODE 41: Goofin’ on “Night Vale”, the MN State Fair, and North Dakota.

With apologies to Pat Buttram, the good people of North Dakota, and the makers of “Welcome to Night Vale”. Click here to listen.

I’m not apologizing for that guitar piece in the fake State Fair ad, though. That is sweet.

Features a sample of “Coal Miners” by Art of Escapism via the Free Music Archive